Uniting Cultures, Strengthening Communities:

Empowering Korean American Law Enforcement Worldwide

Our Core Purpose

Safety Seminars

We conduct seminars on personal safety, crime prevention, and emergency preparedness, providing valuable information and practical tips to help community members protect themselves and their loved ones.

Hate Crime Initiatives

KALEO combats hate crimes through awareness campaigns, educational programs, and collaborations with other organizations. We strive to create a safer, more inclusive environment by addressing discrimination and promoting understanding.

Student Scholarships

We offer scholarships to deserving students, supporting their academic pursuits and encouraging future leaders within the community.

Community Engagement

KALEO supports various community events and activities, such as cultural festivals, volunteer efforts, and job fairs, to strengthen community bonds and foster unity.

North American Korean Law Enforcement Conference (NAKLEC)

The North American Korean Law Enforcement Conference (NAKLEC) is dedicated to the professional development, cultural exchange, and community engagement of Korean law enforcement officers across North America. It provides a platform for officers to connect, share experiences, and collaborate on innovative solutions to common challenges.

NAKLEC’s objectives include professional development, cultural understanding, community engagement, networking, and recognizing attendees’ achievements. The conference aims to empower officers, promote cultural understanding, and enhance law enforcement practices, creating a supportive environment for both officers and their communities.

*Upon registration, an email confirming receipt and a hotel reservation link will be sent.

The Hero Awards

The KALEO board is proud to introduce the 2024 Hero Awards, celebrating the extraordinary bravery, dedication, and achievements of Korean law enforcement professionals who have gone above and beyond the call of duty. These awards will recognize officers who have demonstrated exceptional courage, life-saving efforts, and outstanding achievements.

If you have a story to share or wish to nominate someone, please let us know. Three recipients will be honored at the conference, showcasing the unwavering commitment and heroic spirit of those who serve with distinction.

Our Story

While there are no official records of the first Korean American law enforcement officer in the USA or California, we have documented George Min joining the LAPD in 1965, making him the earliest known Korean American law enforcement officer in California. In 1993, Esther (Song) Kunz broke new ground as the first Korean American female to join the LAPD.

Fast forward to 2022, it is estimated that there are approximately 2,500 Korean American law enforcement officers, deputies, and agents in California alone. KALEO was formed in 2018 when about 30 officers gathered in Koreatown, Los Angeles, to establish our organization. In our first year of operation, we grew our membership to 200, and we currently have over 350 members.

To me, KALEO is about networking, camaraderie, and making lifelong friends. Whenever I have a question, there’s always someone ready to help or guide me. Participating in the 2023 Korea KNPU (Korea National Police University) trip was a memorable learning experience, filled with fun events and bonding with fellow members. I can always count on KALEO and eagerly await future events!
Esther Kim
Los Angeles Sheriff Department
AD STRATA PER ASPERA.  Through adversity to the stars. In our profession, we all go through so much adversity, but yet we overcome, learn, and move forward.  I repeat these words in my mind when something bad happens or I need to overcome an obstacle.  I wish I could explain it more eloquently, but basically our life and our chosen profession will kick your ass, but we need to persevere and keep shooting for the stars.
Detective Young Pak
Los Angeles Police Department
KALEO offers Korean American peace officers, both active and retired, the chance to forge lifelong friendships that enrich their professional and personal lives. For KALEO to thrive, it is essential for members to give back, ensuring that future generations can also reap the benefits. I am grateful to KALEO for providing me with the opportunity to visit the Korean National Police University last year.
Ricky Lee
Retired California Highway Patrol

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