Uniting Cultures, Strengthening Communities: Empowering Korean American Law Enforcement Worldwide

Our Core Purpose


KALEO strengthens community bonds by promoting cultural understanding, engaging in outreach initiatives, and supporting the well-being of officers and the communities they serve.


KALEO is dedicated to serving the community by enhancing public safety, fostering cultural understanding, and supporting the professional development of officers.


KALEO’s mentoring program connects seasoned officers with aspiring professionals to foster career growth, confidence, and community within Korean American law enforcement.

Our Story

In 1913, Officer Lung Yep of San Francisco became the first Asian police officer in the United States. While there are no official records of the first Korean American law enforcement officer in the USA or California, we have documented George Min joining the LAPD in 1965, making him the earliest known Korean American law enforcement officer in California. In 1993, Esther (Song) Kunz broke new ground as the first Korean American female to join the LAPD.

Fast forward to 2022, it is estimated that there are approximately 2,500 Korean American law enforcement officers, deputies, and agents in California alone. KALEO was formed in 2018 when about 30 officers gathered in Koreatown, Los Angeles, to establish our organization. In our first year of operation, we grew our membership to 200, and we currently have over 350 members.

“Being involved with KALEO has been incredibly rewarding. It has provided me with invaluable mentorship, a strong support network, and the opportunity to give back to the community while advancing my career.”

John Doe

Officer at LAPD, KALEO Member

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